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Sweet, hairy and naturally pure, I am your delicate English Rose from London.

I believe everyone deserves intimacy, pleasure and passion in their lives. I embrace my sexuality earnestly; I am a very open-minded, kink-friendly, respectful and genuine person. I like to form real and lasting connections where we can explore and play together with our bodies and our minds.  


I take pride in providing a safe space where we can abandon the pressures of the outside world, disrobe all pretences, and unmask our desires.


We will share with each other our thoughts, needs, expectations and boundaries with no fear of judgement and with complete respect. Communication is the key to a deep and meaningful relationship (and also the key to a great, fulfilling orgasm).

I have been told that my natural beauty is my biggest asset. It’s very rare that you will find me wearing make up; I prefer to embrace being authentic. My short wavy blonde hair frames my delicate yet strong face, highlighting my glistening emerald eyes and kissable rose lips. To match my wild personality, I keep my delicious bush unshaven and my armpits hairy, perfect for you to nuzzle into. 

It’s been said that my youthful ivory skin is extremely soft and smooth; perfect for spanking or caressing - whichever you want to do to me. My bum is naturally curvy and plump, complimenting my slim waist. My large natural breasts are mouth-watering. 

None of my photos on this website are photoshopped, airbrushed or altered. What you see is what you get (plus my face!)



Born in London to a French mother and Scottish father, I have revolution and rebellion in my blood. I was lucky enough to be educated in England, France and the States. I speak with a well-spoken British accent and I am fluent in French and can (just about) get by in Spanish and Arabic. I spent a few years travelling the world which eventually led me full circle back to London. As an artist, living in a city brimming with arts and culture was a no-brainer. My passion is documentary photography and that is what you'll find me doing when I am not indulging my most carnal desires.


Age: late 20s

Nationality: British/French

Language: Fluent English & French, Beginner Spanish & Arabic (Leventine)

Height: 5'7" (171cm)

Hair: wavy mid-length brown (at the moment)

Eyes: Green/Blue/Hazel (they change with my mood!) 

Size: 34D - 28 - 36 

Shoe: 6.5/7 (EUR40)

Tattoos: six, very discreet & hidden

Piercings: Ears

Grooming: Natural full bush, unshaven armpits and legs. 

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